Family Retreat Survey

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. The purpose of this survey is to gauge the interest
    of youth parents on the interest learning more on family relationships and also on the idea of a family
    retreat/conference sometime in 2017.

    Your Name:

    Are you interested in learning more on how the Bible speaks on any of the following family related areas?

    1. The responsibilities of each family member and how they are to relate to each other. (Husband/Father, Wife/Mother, Son/Brother, Daughter/Sister)

    2. How to lead my family/children in a bible study/devotion.

    3. How to lead my family/children in consistent prayer.

    4. What is God’s purpose for my family?

    5. How to handle fights between family members.

    6. How do I confront sin in my family?

    7. How to best equip my child for life when they graduate High School.

    8. How to protect my child while in a worldly culture.

    9. What does the Bible say on contemporary issues?

      • Dating

      • Premarital Sex

      • Homosexuality

      • Divorce

      • Addictions

      • Violence

      • Body Image

      • Depression

      • God’s will

      • Gender Identity

      • Racism

      • Marriage

      • Other

    10. Do you have any interest in going on a Family Retreat/Conference? All members of your family are invited.

    11. How available are you for meeting during the following possible dates/times?

      • Saturday Session(s)

      • 2 Day Weekend Retreat

      • 3 Day Weekend Retreat

      • 3 Day Summer Trip

      • 3 Day Fall Break Trip